With recession, bad economy and unemployment on the rise, home robberies have increased tremendously. We have seen people knocking on people's door and as soon as the homeowner opens the door, the criminals attack and take what they can in no time.

With this device, as soon as the doorbell, which is just below the peephole is pressed, the screen, which is on the other side of the door will show who are at the door, without you having to open the door or strain your eyes through the tiny peephole. With you having an idea who is on the other side of your front door, you could make a decision whether to open it or not, without the person knowing you are even home. Much more, everything is being recorded.

Comparison between Traditional and Smart Peephole Viewer

The way this peephole works is simple enough. You can install it in about 20 minutes providing protection around the clock. You will be able to see quickly even from a distance who is at the front door. It is a great advantage for kids too as they are too short to look though the peephole. But with the smart peephole viewer, all they need to do is look up at the viewer and they will see clearly who is knocking on the door. Parents will have much greater peace knowing that kids are prone to opening the door as soon as they hear a knock. With this device, this could be avoided.